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We understand the decision to select an Internal Medicine Specialists is a big one.  As with any profession, finding good service  is essential to ensuring a desirable experience and result.  Here are 4 important factors to consider when choosing an internist:

  1. Training – Ensuring your internist has received the proper training and schooling is essential. An internist is a medical doctor who is trained to treat diseases inside the body. Dr. Udezulu has completed a Bachelor’s degree, a Medical degree, and an additional training in Internal Medicine. 
  2. Years of experience — Practice makes perfect.  Combined, our Physicians have many years of experience and has provided treatment to thousands of patients.
  3. Board Certification – Being Board Certified indicates that your internist is a proud member of the ABIM. Dr. Udezulu is “Board Certified” and is a proud member of the American Board of Internal Medicine.
  4. Enjoy Internal Medicine – You will spend a lot of time with your internist and team. Make sure that he/she is someone that you can communicate with and work with, and someone who will enjoy working with you. At Lily Internal Medicine & Associates we love our patients and consider it a privilege to treat each one.

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